How to Create, Launch and Make Consistent Income with Your Online Course

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Want to create an online course that can add a consistent revenue stream to your blog?

Hi, I'm Suzi, mom of three little ones and wife to an amazing husband. I've created and launched nine online courses over the past two years and made over $300,000.

I've refined the creation process to make it easy and simple - so you have the confidence to launch your own successful course and make a consistent income from it.

Not only will you learn how to get the perfect course idea, but you'll also master how to create your course, launch it, and the best part of all, build an evergreen funnel to it!

Your course launch is just the beginning - having consistent income daily can change your life!

When I was in Corporate America I was an Industrial Engineer and improved manufacturing processes. I've applied that same mentality to course creation and will teach you how to do it too! So you don't have to spend months creating your course only to burn out during your launch.

"My launch went WAY better than I anticipated! I made almost $13,000 in just over 24 hours. Like I seriously cannot even believe that!!!"

- Liesel Teen

My Course Sales - The Real Numbers

Do you want a steady stream of income from your blog?

I went from $100 days to over $1,000 days when I implemented an evergreen funnel (check out January 2018).

"I absolutely adore Suzi's Course By Numbers!

I was completely lost when I first decided to create an ecourse. I had no idea what to include in it? How to ensure I created a course that would sell? And most importantly how I was meant to market and launch my ecourse to the big online world?

Following Suzi's step by step method, I was able to not only enjoy the creation process but to go on to create over $12,000 (so far) from my very first ecourse!

Thank you so much Suzi for creating such a helpful and motivating course. You really inspired me to keep going on my ecourse journey and take it all the way to LAUNCH.

So I could actually see the rewards from all the hard work I put in!"

- Laura,

Hi, I'm Suzi.

Can I help you build your blog into a business?

"Suzi has such a wonderful ability to break things down into simple step-by-step processes.

She seriously knows how to streamline and UN-complicate what you need to do to reach your blogging goals."

- Jennifer Ledbetter, PotPieGirl

Course by Number will help you:
  • Earn money while blogging at home.
  • Offer value to others through your online course.
  • Create a new, consistent revenue stream for your business.
  • Give you the confidence to create your online course.

Just a few things you'll learn:
  • Where to start, what to sell and how to price it.
  • How to make sales when you don’t have an email list.
  • How to find the perfect idea for your first online course.
  • How to make sure that idea will be profitable.
  • How to market your online course and make it enjoyable for your students.
  • How to record and edit videos with inexpensive tools and look super professional.
  • How to create a high converting sales page.
  • How to set up an evergreen funnel and make passive income!

This is how you transform your blog into a business.

From Idea to Evergreen Funnel

Get 24 detailed instructional videos and 43 lectures to take you from course idea to complete evergreen, money making funnel!


Find Your Perfect Course Idea

How to decide on the perfect course idea.

How to ensure you’ll be successful by validating your idea easily.

How to use your blog to create the perfect course for your ideal reader.

Creating Your Course Content

How much content does your course need?

Videos vs text vs guides? What is enough? How long does it need to be?

Where to create your course and what systems to avoid.

How much of your existing content you can repurpose and how to do it well.

Software and the Techie Stuff

The inexpensive tools I use to create professional courses fast.

How to create and edit face and screen sharing videos.

I’ve refined this technique over the past few years and found the exact process that allows me to create and edit all the videos for my course in two days!

Pricing Your Course

Unconventional advice on pricing your product and what will personally work for you.

The Launch

How to prepare your readers and maximize your launch sales.

The essential, but easy, actions you must take to ensure a successful launch.

How to Increase Your Sales Easily

Valuable email sequences you must create to increase your conversions and delight your students.

Simple tips and tricks that you can implement today to start creating your course.

How to personalize your sales page and build instant trust with your reader.

The Evergreen Funnel

How to make passive income from your course without having to launch all the time.

I’ll show you exactly how I’ve scaled my business from $100 days to $500+ days all without running launches or big promotions. The selling is done passively through automated funnels.

The Mindset Blocks

Creating a course that you will sell continuously to generate passive income takes dedication. I’ll share with you what keeps me motivated and working hard when I feel like giving up.

You’ll also learn how to stay confident and sell authentically.

I’ll even hold you accountable and if you have a great launch or learn something unique, I’d be happy to feature your masterpiece!

In Course by Number you will...

Get the confidence to create, launch and grow your course.

Make an income from your blog that’s not reliant on page views while offering tons of value to your readers!

Why should I teach you? I've created and launched 9 courses over the past two years allowing us to pay off our car debt, our entire mortgage and increase our savings. Teaching through online courses has enabled me to make money passively and change the lives of over 30,000 students.

Online courses is a billion dollar industry and growing. It's important to establish yourself now as an online teacher so you can benefit from this growing business.

What if your email list is at zero?

I’ll show you how to sell your course even if your email list is at zero right now!

You’ll know how to grow your list and income at the same time!

Are you too scared to create your first online course?

Maybe you don’t even have an idea of what you can teach? And you don't even know where to start?

I was scared too! But if I never jumped in and invested in myself, we would still have a huge mortgage to pay off.

If you're willing to put in the work, this course will absolutely change your life.


Why do you keep chasing page views to only make ad revenue and affiliate sales?


What if you could ALSO funnel those page views into a consistent stream of income?

"Thank you for putting your training material out there! It is helping me in more ways than one. You are a great teacher!"

- Melissa

Course by Number is a perfect fit for you, if...
  • You want to make an income from your blog that’s not reliant on page views.
  • You want to create an online course to add a new, consistent revenue stream.
  • You're looking for the confidence to create, launch and grow a course you can be proud of.
  • You're a mom who blog and want to have more quality family time together without working all the time.
  • Your email list is at zero or 100,000 - Course by Number will teach you how to make sales while growing your email list.

Who is NOT a good fit for this course?
  • If you don't have your blog set up yet. I recommend first starting your blog, and then diving into product creation.
  • Bloggers who are looking for a get rich quick process.

"Suzi, you are my hero…I will keep working to implement your recommendations.“

- Rebecca

What if you were in control?

Affiliate sales and ad revenue is great, but what if you had control of the price and profit? What if you weren't reliant on the terms of your affiliate or ad company? What if you could run sales and promotions when you want, because it's your product and you're the owner?

With online products you get to choose when you work and on what you work and how much you want to make.

After you implement the advice in this course and set up your own evergreen funnel you'll be on your way to making sales daily!

I usually don’t do this, but I wanted to send you a thank you note for the course.

I honestly feel that I learned a lot.

Prior to taking your course, I took another course and was completely underwhelmed. They over sold the course and I although I took away some bits of information, I felt that generally it was a waste of money.

Starting and getting the blog going is TOUGH!

And trying to monetize is TOUGHER!

What I liked about your course was the simplicity and clarity. It wasn’t overloaded with information and it had great step by step strategies.

But most importantly, what I found to be most valuable was the personable quality. This is unquantifiable, but was worth a lot.

The other course had slot of sense material, but delivered through text and voiceover. I really enjoyed see you teach. So thank you, just by watching you helped me get an idea of what my courses might look in the future.

- Esther

You get access for LIFE + any future updates to the course!!

Well, that makes the decision easy! :)

Your Instructor

Suzi Whitford
Suzi Whitford

I am a mom to two beautiful little girls, a little baby boy and the wife to a wonderful man. After becoming a stay at home mom and leaving my engineering job, I turned to blogging as a creative outlet. It has been the best decision ever! I've been able to grow my blog to over $20,000 per month and I want to teach you how to do it too!

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"“Thank you so much for all the help you have given me, truely you were AMAZING!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!”"

- Jaqueline

Just imagine how your life will be different if your blog covered your mortgage payment.

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When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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