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  The Course Structure - A Quick Overview

The Course Structure:

This course is laid out exactly in the steps you need to follow to setup a blog.

You may wonder why we're creating images before even writing your first post. Or why we are setting up plugins.

But it is because when we get to writing a post, you already have everything set up so you can hit Publish and share your article immediately.

By helping my friends 1:1 through many playdates, I've discovered the easiest and most streamlined process for setting up a blog. I am following the same steps with you!

Below is a highlevel overview of the course.

First we will cover the basics:

1. Why blog?

2. Deciding on a blog niche

3. Choosing a blog name

4. Starting your blog with SiteGround << Best place to host your blog, I have all of my blogs hosted with them and they've helped me with hundreds of technical issues!

Then we will go into images:

1. Editing the images for your first post

2. Creating a beautiful pin image so you can market your blog like a professional blogger

Plugins will be installed to optimize your blog

Then I'll show you step by step how to setup your theme

1. You'll set up a free theme and it will look great

2. I'll show you how to tweak your theme to make it look like you've been blogging for years

Finally, we will create content

1. I will show you how to write your first post

2. I'll share tips so that your post gets read and shared more

And of course, we will go into getting traffic to your blog!

1. I will dive deeply into the one traffic source that brings thousands of visitors to blogs

2. I'll give you examples and step by step tutorials how to master it!

Money, yes you will be able to make money with your blog.

1. I'll show you how to start making money from your blog on day one.

I hope this fills you with excitement and eagerness to take on this course! By the end of it you will have a professional looking blog that can bring in money!

*Please be advised that I have included affiliate links in this course. Which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase through my link but it does not cost you anything extra. Thank you!